Ice Dancing

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Ice skating is a highly popular activity. As a result of this, it’s often within the media, not only on game centred networking but also reality television, documentaries and movies. Blades of Glory is one such case of ice skating featured in movies, where rivals learn how to skate together in a comedic theme.

This idea is used in eight different states, and in England it’s presented by Christine Bleakley and Phillip Schofield, although Holly Willoughby utilized to co present. Each have their own specialities and so judge the couples so, i.e. Choreography, Free Skating and Figure Skating.

There are still rules to the contest, each couple must conduct a dance every week, the judges will score and watch them between zero and ten. This, however, was stopped with the judge giving genuinely indicative scores so the public could have the ability to judge accordingly and observe the contestants grow over the sequence. Each couple must also perform certain moves each week that vary from week to week. For instance assisted and unassisted jumps, prop use, shad measures, cross rolls and change of skate to mention but a few. The most daring move to date is that the Head Banger where only one man celebrity has played in the background of this series in England.

There are over 250 people working on the English version of this series with Physiotherapists and Paramedics available if any of the moves fail. Additionally, there are costume designers present and because 2006 around 1000 costumes are made. Additionally, there must be individuals present to keep and paint the ice. A unique paint is used which comes from Canada that I painted when the ice is about 4cm and a spray is used to paint the ice white.

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